If the function of morality is to accomplish the best of the tasks regarding life, the function of the politics is to find out the best tasks.”

-Abdullah Öcalan

Jineolojî starts its research and analysis in the area of politics by dealing with the reality of a woman, who created society and has been the creator of the art of politics. Jineolojî cannot achieve its claim to be a new social science, which is being developed by taking economy, ecology, demography, ethics-aesthetics, health, education and history in its scope, without developing political science. Jineolojî should open political questions to debate in a scientific manner with a libertarian point of view and without breaking away from basic moral principles, in all the fields covered by Jineolojî. It needs to configure itself, as a social science upon that political science will be based on. Jineolojî aims to improve the perception of politics in which all social groupings can participate with their own colours and needs, as well as individuals can participate with their own willpower. When examining the notion of the politics, it also analyses who or what is responsible for such alienation between the society and politics. The understanding of politics based on state mentality reproduces the habits of using politics as a means of deception and oppression. Hereby the society will always be kept out of politics and will be an object of politics. In order to avoid this, society and individuals need to equip their own minds very strongly. The task of Jineolojî comes to light at this stage: Preparing the society and the individuals for the field of politics on a mental level. Jineolojî, eventually, is a science that is being developed to realize its aim of achieving a free society and free individuals. It is clear that freedom will not progress until appropriate politics have been achieved and implemented. Jineolojî will become meaningless if it does not develop a politics that will encourage the society to pursue freedom, equality and democracy. For that reason, the understanding of politics will be enhanced without breaking its ties with ethics, and science.

Creating and implementing social politics will be the antidote to individualism and the logic of profit-making of the capitalist modernity that have destroyed our societies. In order to develop social politics, Jineolojî will aim to improve the societies and individuals’ level of consciousness based on continuing discussions, research-analysis and data obtained from these. Jineolojî will assume playing a role in encouraging the society to recognize its own power and ability to manage itself. At the same time attaining mechanisms of autonomy and enabling the ability to use it will contribute to developing the ABC of social sciences through a woman’s perspective.