Jineolojî Magazine

The Jineoloji magazine is being published every 3 months.
Each volume has around 300 pages.
It is mainly published in Turkish language.

The translations of the magazine to Kurdish, Arab and English language are in preparation.


Further Information:

Twitter: @jineolojidergi

Jineolojî – Call for Jineoloji Journal by KJA (Kongreya Jinen Azad)

In its 2nd year, Jineolojî continues to meet women — ŞÛJIN

The real of woman, method and truth from the editors of Jineolojî — Habibe Eren/JINHA

Jineolojî Journal Issue 8/ Call for Articles About Free Co-Life [Sym-biosis]

Untill now following volumes appeared:

#1 Crisis of Social Science and Jineolojî (Mar-Apr-May 2016)

#2 Method and Truth According to Women’s Reality (Jun-Jul-Aug 2016)

#3 Women’s Revolution and Jineolojî (Sep-Oct-Nov 2016)

#4 Self-Defence and Jineoloji (Dec-Jan-Feb 2016/ 2017)

#5 Crisis in Middle East and Search for Solution (Mar-Apr-May 2017)

#6 View on Female Nature (Jun-Jul-Aug 2017)

#7 View on Male Nature and Masculinity (Sep-Oct-Nov 2017)

#8 Living Together on the Base of Freedom: Why, How? (Jan-Feb-Mar 2018)