Ethics is the morality and the consciousness of freedom, aesthetics is to emanate in line with this consciousness

– Abdullah Ocalan


Jineolojî claims to be the ground for a new understanding, integrity and collectivism in science. Ethics- aesthetics will be the cement that will keep all of the works together within the areas of cooperation and specific fields. Jineolojî does not engage in any struggle and social project that does not have an ethical-aesthetic perspective. This is the main difference that distinguishes Jineolojî from scientism and from the dominant understandings of the social sciences.
Many philosophical theories have tried to define aesthetics, the theory of beauty. Aesthetics has always been regarded as having a twofold, interrelated, and unbreakable relation with ethics in all philosophical definitions. Jineolojî will also produce the science of aesthetics by emphasising its mental change and transformation.

Abdullah Öcalan said that, “The present conditions of women are neither ethical nor aesthetic”. He draws our attention to change and engages us to overcome the existing reality of women in our own personality, and to create a free women’s identity that would be the first step in the development of an understanding of women’s ethics and aesthetics. Any ethical-aesthetic theory that we create without realizing this will remain inconclusive in beautifying science and life. The spell of the concepts and institutions created during the areas of mother-goddess was about women living with their own identity freely and naturally. Jineolojî will develop this ethic-aesthetic in order to regain this spell. One of the reasons for Jineolojî to exist is to regain our silenced words as much as to raise again our silenced voice. In other words, our idea is to regain our literature and lives in a poetical way. It is to regain our ability to flow our life into words and our words into life. For this reason, the relationship between woman, literature and language will be one of the issues to be addressed by ethics-aesthetics of Jineolojî.