Jineolojî and Health

Jineolojî believes in “the wisdom and power of female human being” that Jeanne Achterberg expressed in her book called ‘Women as Healer’; “Immediately after the emergence of human beings, female human was considered as an extraordinary source of wisdom and power. It was her who can give a soul, save a soul; therefore, she was […]

The uprising of the oldest colony: Feminism

“The feminist movement certainly has to be the most radical anti-system movement. Not only the period of modernity but the whole civilisation and all of its hierarchical periods must be examined in relation to women’s mental and physical enslavement. Women’s freedom, equality and democracy require comprehensive theoretical work, ideological struggles, programmatic and organisational activities, and […]

Kurdistan Women’s Liberation Struggle

The paradigm of the Kurdistan Workers’ Party (PKK), which tried to organize and develop its quest to make social freedom viable, has been influenced by left and socialist thought streams. However, since its foundation, woman’s freedom struggle has been expressed as a necessity. The belief that woman’s freedom is the criterion for collective freedom is […]

Roots of Jineolojî

“A science which is developed around women is the first step towards true sociology”* As scientific, political and ethical thinkers and many social institutions have stated, the 21st century will be the century in which woman’s freedom will triumph. This evaluation is based on the rise of women’s struggles in across the world, particularly in […]