‘Mothers for Peace’ Delegation

This is the official declaration of the delegation ‘Amargi for Afrin – Mothers for Peace’ which was read out October 8th, 2018, in Kobane. The delegation consited of 7 mothers from France, Spain, Italy and Germany, who made their way to Northern Syria in order to support peace in Syria and a just solution. Especially […]

Jineolojî Mediterranean Camp: “We followed the footsteps of Sara in Bilbao”

After the first camp in Utamara, we organized the second Jineolojî camp in Basque Country between 30th  of March- 4th of April with the name of “Jineolojî Mediterranean Camp”. Starting from the first step  into Bilbao, the meaning of it increased. Because the first person who established a contact between Kurds and the revolutionaries who […]

Meetings on Jineology continue in Argentine

– by Firat News / ANF –  BUENOS AIRES The Women’s Committee in Solidarity with Kurdistan in Argentine has organized a series of events titled “A new paradigm for our freedom: Jineology” on September 20 to introduce Jineology, science of women advocated by Abdullah Öcalan. On Friday, a Jineology seminar was held at ATE union in in Buenos […]