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  • Statement by internationalist women in Rojava on the Day against Violence on Women

    As internationalist women who came to Rojava/Northern Syria to join the women revolution, we are sending our greetings and solidarity to all women, feminists and LGBTI* people who are struggling against patriarchy worldwide. Rising up against violence on women means that we are rising up against everything that violates our bodies, our lives, our freedom […]

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  • Jineolojî Mediterranean Camp: „We followed the footsteps of Sara in Bilbao“

    After the first camp in Utamara, we organized the second Jineolojî camp in Basque Country between 30th  of March- 4th of April with the name of “Jineolojî Mediterranean Camp”. Starting from the first step  into Bilbao, the meaning of it increased. Because the first person who established a contact between Kurds and the revolutionaries who […]