[Video] Women, plants and nature.

“In springtime, many many women draw their inspiration from the season. Why is this? What’s the reason? Because women have a connection with nature. Because women and nature can’t live without each other. We can start with the source of this in our history. A lot of things have been produced from nature, and experience […]

Humans and Nature

How do humans become human? When we think of human beings, we necessarily think of society, because sociability is their most essential characteristic. Society shapes humans and distinguishes them from other living beings. Society is built up through the relations that humans develop with one another and through the meaning these relationships gain. Principles of […]

Jineolojî and Health

Jineolojî believes in “the wisdom and power of female human being” that Jeanne Achterberg expressed in her book called ‘Women as Healer’; “Immediately after the emergence of human beings, female human was considered as an extraordinary source of wisdom and power. It was her who can give a soul, save a soul; therefore, she was […]

Jineolojî and Ecology

Ecology is a new science that examines the destruction engendered by state civilisation based on dominating the nature, and the relation between the society and the nature. In the natural society, established around women, the bond between nature and the society was based on respecting the nature. This bond was destroyed with the state civilisation, […]