[Video] Who or what is a man?

What is a man? Who is he? What is manhood? What do we think of when we hear the word man? Exploring the nature or natures of gender is part of the work of Jineoloji. So often in life women are examined and talked about, but we rarely turn the tables and investigate men. The […]

Guerrilla Goddesses

The Kurdish women’s movement is the most organised, widespread and dynamic women’s movement in the Middle East. Kurdish women fighting colonial oppression and fascism as well as organising the struggle for women’s liberation have drawn attention worldwide. How have women from one of the most oppressed and denied societies in the world today become a […]

[Video] Short introduction to Hevjiyana Azad

  Hevjiyana Azad is one of the key concepts of Abdullah Ocalan’s “New paradigm”, which is the core of the Rojava revolution. While other points of ideology focus on addressing problems, Hevjiyana Azad is the concept developed as a proposal for a solution and a new way of living together, loving, and relating to ourselves, […]

On Beauty

“Who is a beautiful person, what is worthwhile and worth loving, which identity and personality should be loved the most, who is in possession of attitudes that lead to love? We must be able to seek, reveal and develop beauty and what is most loving. Your purpose in these ranks is the ability to be […]

Every moment, a revolution

On self-defence Self-defence means existence. Without it we cannot survive, we cannot be. To understand self-defence we must know: What do we mean by “self”? What do we mean by “defence”? The self has a universal basis, as part of the whole, of the entire universe. If the self, in understanding, in feeling, only encompasses […]

Humans and Nature

How do humans become human? When we think of human beings, we necessarily think of society, because sociability is their most essential characteristic. Society shapes humans and distinguishes them from other living beings. Society is built up through the relations that humans develop with one another and through the meaning these relationships gain. Principles of […]