[Video] Women, plants and nature.

“In springtime, many many women draw their inspiration from the season. Why is this? What’s the reason? Because women have a connection with nature. Because women and nature can’t live without each other. We can start with the source of this in our history.

A lot of things have been produced from nature, and experience has also been gathered. How to share among society, for health in daily life, it’s all in this relationship between the mother and nature.

This connection between particularly mothers and nature, it’s really strong. It governs all of life.

Firstly, everything people need for life is brought about by nature.

All the research that mothers in the villages have made about nature, the experience that’s built up about all the plants and herbs,

Every plant, when you really look, gives experience for humanity. What uses it has, for medicine, against sickness… All different plants were used as medicine. Because plants have different properties, some for curing sickness. There are some that can kill a person, and this is also understood through experience. Which plants are useful, which are poison. And it’s usually women, mothers, who have the knowledge and the connection, and continue human life in this way every day. So for this, women and nature can’t live divided.

For myself, as a revolutionary woman, to be without nature feels like a death.

I draw my reason for being from nature,

If my eyes don’t fall on something green, I feel I am not alive. When I am with nature, I come alive. When I see a tree, a flower, the green of nature, am more alive and I am relaxed. I feel inspired.

In this way as well, it’s completely clear women and nature complete each other.

And so, in spring, people are happier with life, because all the trees, plants, and flowers, everything green and alive, is coming alive anew and is also happy.

So, according to this, how should people approach nature?

We should not inflict pain on nature.

We should only gather things for purpose.

We should not kill nature. For example, keeping nature clean. By itself, nature is pure. The thing that pollutes nature the most is people.

So we have to always take care of how clean is our environment. To live a good life, we should be trying to live clean and pure, in this way you also live in tune with nature.

There are a lot of colours of plants in nature, various different types.

Every plant is beautiful in its own way.

And for this also, spring is very colourful.

And this colourfulness makes the world beautiful.

And like we said, women are like nature.

So it’s the same for the beauty of women. There are a lot of different colours of women’s beauty. And so because of this, the beauty of all the world,
is painted with the beauty of women. And women are also connected with the diversity and colour of nature.

There’s especially a lot of plants in Mesopotamia, because of the nature, the rich water, the mountain environment, so there’s all these various types that grow here.

Truly, nature, it’s a part of life. Because without nature, there can be no life.
And women and nature should not be divided.

And nature’s defence is women.

And nature is inside every woman. So every woman needs to see herself responsible for nature. Because nature is living. For us to live, we have to see nature as a part of ourselves.

For this same reason we have to not murder nature. We take what we need and what we can use. But apart from that we don’t interfere with nature.

Today, the capitalist system, the global system of profit, is truly murdering nature. And nature is part of the system in which we live. So for this, today with this sickness that is spread, this makes it clear that nature is taking her revenge.

Her revenge against the existing system, the oppressive system, oppressing people, also plants and animals. Today we can see her taking her revenge.

It’s something universal, that this is becoming clear.”