Humans and Nature

How do humans become human?

When we think of human beings, we necessarily think of society, because sociability is their most essential characteristic. Society shapes humans and distinguishes them from other living beings. Society is built up through the relations that humans develop with one another and through the meaning these relationships gain. Principles of life and cohabitation are expressed through culture. But in order to truly know the human, we need to go a little deeper. Looking at the history of humankind, we understand that to create societies a basis is necessary.

Humans did not come out of the blue. They are the outcome of constant changes and transformations brought about by the evolution of the universe. Through this process, they have been shaped over hundreds of thousands of years. This is why the expression “mother-nature” makes sense: nature is the mother of the human. The term refers to our roots and our links with the environment. Nature is the mother and the primordial teacher of the human beings. She made the human brain adaptable and introduced to them everything that their world is made of. Humans have learned everything they know from her and evolved thanks to her. Therefore, it is nature who made the development of society possible. When we speak about nature, it is very important not to represent her as a god, but as a goddess who is constantly transforming and taking on new shapes. She is life, death and rebirth. She produces all the splendor of the world. She is not a sovereign who reigns over the universe, but she is part of every living being. She is the spirit of the life force.