Opening of “Andrea Wolf Institute”

We can with joy announce that with the ending of the first education period, the Andrea Wolf Institute has opened officially. In the frame of a first education with women from different countries we gathered for two weeks to learn and research on different topics around Jineoloji. With the sharing of thoughts and experiences of our struggles for liberation, we continue to weave perspectives for a common future.

The name of the institute refers to Andrea Wolf, an internationalist woman born in Germany whose search for revolutionary change in society lead her to the mountains of Kurdistan. Her aim was to connect different liberation movements in the world, but she has eventually been captured and killed by the Turkish military in 1998.

With the Andrea Wolf Institute we are aiming to create one connecting point in a growing network of Jineolojî. Our aim is to develop research on knowledge that is rooted in matriarchal values, revolutionary history and culture and resistances of womens and various genders in different parts of the world. We want to create a base to share this knowledge as part of our common struggle and the development of World Womens Confederalism.

The questions “How to live? How to struggle? Where to start?” are leading to the creation of a new science. Jineolojî means to start with the roots: with knowledge, with creating, sustaining and protecting the living. We regain knowledge that has been supressed and has been lost during history. We are coming together, sharing knowledge and experiences, rewriting history. We develop and create different forms of living together on the base of common values, womens and gender liberation.

The Andrea Wolf Institute can and will play an important role on this path towards a free life on the base of radical democracy, gender liberation and the loving connection with all living.

Jin Jiyan Azadî