Statement of women international delegation in Kobane ‘Women Rise Up For Afrin’

Mothers for Peace Delegation, made up of women from France, Germany, Italy and Spain, on a mission to follow up the situation of women from Rojava, and especially the one of those displaced from Afrin, joins the campaign WOMEN RISE UP FOR AFRIN.

Promoted by the Afrin Women’s Movement, this initiative aims to denounce the invasion of Afrin by Turkey and its jihadist allies, with the indifference of Russia, the United States and NATO itself.

Displaced people conditions in Shehba region camps is critical, since they do not receive international humanitarian aid and protection. We want to underline how women and children, who are the most vulnerable part of the population, are unable to meet basic health, food and education needs.

We call on the entire international community of women and their organizations to join this campaign of solidarity support to ensure that these displaced women and their children can achieve respectable living conditions.

At the same time, we request you to point out to our Parliaments and International Organisms a permanent denounce of this invasion till these displaced people can return to their land, the city of Afrin.

In this sense we call upon all women around the world:

Women raise your voices! Rise up for Afrin!

Mothers for Peace Delegation

9 October 2018