Statement of Jineoloji Cihani For ‘Amargî For Efrin’

As Jineoloji International we are here with mothers and women from different European countries who made all their way long to show their solidarity with the mothers and women of Efrin who are resisting against the illegal occupation of their lands by the Turkish state. Under the name of “Amargi for Efrin”, which refers to the Sumarian word “Amargi” meaning “freedom” and “return to the mother”, we are demanding freedom and peace for the different peoples of the region and the safe return of the Efrin mothers to their homelands.

The region of Rojava and Northern Syria has an ancient history in which women symbolized as

mother goddesses played a central role in advancing communal live and gift-economy. Since the

beginning of the Rojava revolution in 2011, again mothers have been very active in re-building their

society and defending it against attacks of jihadist groups and occupation. During the last months the mothers of Efrin have been resisting determinedly against the Turkish army’s invasion, against killings, against sexist violence and torture. Still they are continuing their struggle for an end of the Turkish occupation. They wish to return in security and peace to their homelands. As all mothers around the world – they are longing for a live in freedom, justice and dignity for themselves as well as for their children. Despite war and destruction which they have been confronted with, women in Rojava have created a new hope for a better future. Therefore internationalists from different countries have been participating in building up and defending the Democratic Autonomy in Rojava.

Also with the international campaign ‘Women Rise Up For Efrin’ new bridges of solidarity have been build up around the world that we want to strengthen. By organising this delegation we want to connect and unite efforts and struggles of mothers from different countries for creating a better future. As women in Rojava we call all women and mothers to rise up against patriarchy and fascism and to create a democratic and ecological society based on gender liberation.

Sisterhood and solidarity across all borders!

Jin Jiyan Azadî!

An Amargi an Amargi!

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