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  • Jineolojî Mediterranean Camp: „We followed the footsteps of Sara in Bilbao“

    After the first camp in Utamara, we organized the second Jineolojî camp in Basque Country between 30th  of March- 4th of April with the name of “Jineolojî Mediterranean Camp”. Starting from the first step  into Bilbao, the meaning of it increased. Because the first person who established a contact between Kurds and the revolutionaries who […]

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  • Reflections About Man, Masculinity and Patriarchal Society

    by Rok Brossa, https://internationalistcommune.com/masculinity/ Qamişlo, summer-autumn 2017 Notes for a Historic-Subjective Analysis on the Construction and the Evolution of the ‘Man’ Identity in the Patriarchal Society Redefining our role as men in society Learning to think, feel and live in equality Unlearning inoculated dynamics in socialization Coming together in the struggle for emancipation.   The cultural […]

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  • Turkish War Planes Bombing Archeological Sites In Efrin – Thousands of Years Old Remains of Women’s Culture Destroyed

    On the 20th January 2018, the Turkish state waged a total war over the autonomous region of Efrin, part of the democratic confederation of Northern Syria. More than one week later, the attacks on the population continue. Turkish airstrikes have killed over 80 civilians – many of them children – and more than hundred have […]