What Is Jineolojî?

Jineoloji is the science of women and free life. It has been started in 2012 by the Kurdish Women’s Movement. Since than it has spread to the whole world. In the Democratic Federation of Northern Syria Jineoloji has become an official part of the education system, being taught in school and at the Rojava University.

Jineoloji is a new science, that criticizes the connection of hegemony, oppression and science with each other. It criticizes the hegemony of men on history. History is the base of our understanding of the present. But the history / HERstory of women has always been tried to hide and to destroy. Jineoloji therefore wants to reinterprete Mythology, Religion, Philosophy and Science. It wants to find the traces and truth of women in order to find ways for women’s liberation. Through women’s liberation it aims at the liberation of the whole society and the establishment of a free and communal life.