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  • Why a website for Jineoloji?

    Jineoloji Academy…. While going through real suffering, poverty, violence, torture and all sorts of atrocities in its bare reality; isn’t a virtual site such as this one the last thing that women need? And while we are dropping myriads of estates on the earth, making it unlivable for thousands of years, why are we joining […]

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  • Parameters of Jineology discussed in Paris

    – by Firat News / ANF – The Kurdish Women’s Movement in Europe (TJK-E) held its „Jineology against the darkness of positive sciences; woman life freedom“ conference in the French capital city Paris. Participants of the conference discussed the critique of positive sciences and discussed the parameters of jineology as a women’s paradigm. The conference […]

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  • Revolutionary Education – by Janet Biehl

    TWO ACADEMIES IN ROJAVA Over the past thirty years, instructor Dorşîn Akîf told us, women participated in the Kurdish freedom movement, first as fighters, then in women’s institutions. Three years ago Kurdish women produced Jineolojî, or “women’s science,” which they regard as the culmination of that decades-long experience. At the academy in Rimelan, students are first […]

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  • Why Jineolojî? Re-Constructing the Sciences towards a Communal and Free Life

    Gönül Kaya is a journalist and representative of the Kurdish women’s movement. This article is the transcript of her speech at the Jineolojî Conference in March 2014 in Cologne, Germany.   The Free Women’s Movement of Kurdistan evaluates Jineolojî as an important step in its ongoing intellectual, ideological-political self-defense and mobilization struggle of about 30 […]

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  • ‚Gyneology‘ in the Search of Truth

    the following work about Jineolojî was published by DÖKH, the Democratic Free Women’s Movement in Northern Kurdistan on July 17th 2013 here “The realities to be disclosed by gyneology will of course not have less true words than the knowledge produced by many disciplines as theology, eschatology, politic, pedagogy and sociology.  It is a well-known fact […]