Jineolojî Faculty

It is time to develope the science of Women-Life-Society. In the heart of Rojava Revolution, which is the women’s revolution, we are advancing JINEOLOJÎ. Through the advancement of Jineoloji, the sociology will will find its right place.

In the area of the revolution of Rojava / Northern Syria we opened our doors as the Jineolojî faculty at the Rojava University. In Rojava / Northern Syria next to the fight for liberation and the resistance of the people for freedom, we try to advance our academic level and our will as well. Through the science of Jineolojî, we try to establish and stabilize the achievements of this revolution on its own roots. This is part of the essential self-defence of the society. This will contribute to the developement of the society as well.

This new way of science uncovers social and historical realities. Through the culture of mother-goddess it connects them to a communal life on the base of freedom. This science that advances by and around women will become the reality of the Middle East. History-Life-Society has been formed by women’s knowledge and advanced with the hard work and creativity of women. This truth of women’s life is hidden in the connection of women’s nature – social nature – the nature of the universe. Many attacks, occupation and heavy pressure have been waged against these natures. And the mentality of attack and assimilation still continues. Against this it is necessary to fight with the knowledge and science of women. It is urgently needed to establish a system of the life of women and society, which can grow on its own roots. This is being advanced in all social fields with the base of Jineolojî. All parts of life and big effort becomes the source for the developement of the women’s science. But especially this is needed in the topic of right, good and beautiful minds, ethics and estetics and a way of living together, which is based on freedom. As the first field that i sbeing apprached with science is the common life based on freedom, we also try to establish our work on the base of a right, good and beautiful way of living together. In connection with the women’s culture, we want to develope ecologic economy, science connected with demographic knowledge and health. We aim at a society that can administrate itself, a society that is lead by its own will and its own politics. This has to become the fundament of science. This is a society without a state but multi-ethnical. In the same way this will become the base for the democratic nations and Jineolojî will be the science of the democratic nations.

Our faculty of Jineolojî started its work with this aim women’s freedom and the change and transformation towards an ethical and political society. It is a high academic level for teachers.
Every woman that has finished secondary schollor bachelor can apply. At the same time, women who are able to read and write, but who didn’t have the possibility to study, who wish a free and equal society, are connected to their values, have deep passion and strength of researching, reading and advancing themselves, can apply as well. Women who wish to advance on the levels of culture, economy, arts, health, politics and history and who want to use the gained strength for supporting and advancing the society, can apply. We hope that all women will say that in order to protect their history, their culture, their existance, their freedom, their values and achievements, they will apply for the Jineolojî faculty and take their right to study. In the same way, with Jineolojî we will reach the women’s system of a freedom-loving society and the system of women’s justice, research centers and female etymology.

Preparation Committee of Jineolojî Faculty of Rojava

AIM OF FACULTY: In Northern Syria / Rojava in connection with the women’s freedom to develope works of social science, that are able to become the source of advancing social change and transformation. In order to achieve this, the history of women in Middle East will be resaerched, a system of communal economy in connection with the effort and work of women will be developed, from a women’s perspective politics of population and birth will be planned, making politics from the point of view of women, develope the system of women’s justice on the base of the women’s social contract, to develope in first place the areas of arts, literature, philosophy, approached of ethics and estetics in many areas and to develope it in connection with freedom and democracy,  advance agriculture in connection with ecology, and to aim eveloping academic works for the developement of all this topics.


Curriculum of the Faculty’s Education


Frame of Terms and Theories (2)
Culture, language, civilisation, hierarchy and oppression, leadership, politics, ethics, law, democracy, economy, assimilation, annihilation, women’s terms, (patriarchy and being patriarchal, scienticism, sexism, sex and gender, violence, rape, …)

Starting with Jineolojî (4)
The term „Jineolojî“
From a etymological point analyse of the words „Women (Jin)“, „Life (Jiyan)“, „Nature (Xweza)“. Definition of Jineolojî as Women, Life and the science of common Life.
What is the role of science in reaching the meaning of life?, terms of science, paradigm and ideology
Defining the needs of Jineolojî for reaching the meaning of life, the secret of life
For the struggle against sexist science

The Herstory of Women’s Freedom (2)
Definition of the tradition of women’s resistance
Women’s groups, mythological figures, goddesses, women in religions
Women in the French Revolution, in the Paris Commune, in the Revolutions of China, Russia, Cuba and women’s movements in Spain and Latin America
Feminist Movements

History (2)
Approach towards history. Social history, histpry of the democratic civilisation
Centralized Civilisation

Sociology of Freedom (2)

Liberation from social sexism (2)
Definition of social sexism
First and second rupture between the sexes
Analysis of sexism that has become the ideology of oppression

Nature of women and method, regime of truth based on women’s reality (4)
Definition of woman in mythology, religion, philosophy and science; Quantum
Ethics and Estetics (2)
Kurdish Language (2)
Research Methods (2)
Computer education (2)

Total: 26 hours


Frame of Terms and Theories (2)
1- Centralized Hegemonic Oppression
2- Oppression/ Hierarchy and Democratic Administration
3- Democratic Nation
4- Socialism and Capitalism
5- Living together on the base of freedom

Starting with Jineolojî (4)
Jineolojî as the science of free communal life
Jineolojî as the need of the women’s revolution towards sociology
History of Women’s Freedom (2)
Women’s Movements in Middle East
Women in the history of Kurdistan
Sociology of Freedom (2)
History (2)
Capitalist Civilisation
Liberation from Social Sexism (2)
Partnership, marriage and family
Politics on the body
Nature of women and method, regime of truth based on women’s reality (2)
Definition of woman in mythology, religion, philosophy and science; Quantum
Economy  (2)
Ethics and Estetics (2)
Demography (2)
Kurdish Language (2)
Expression and Behaviour (2)

Total: 28 hours


Nature of women and method, regime of truth based on women’s reality (2)
Liberation from Social Sexism (2)
Practicing the 3rd rupture between the sexes against the man
Politics (2)
Economy (2)
Ethics and Estetics (2)
Demography (2)
Education  (2)
Health (2)
Ecology (2)
Sociology of Freedom (2)
Media-Communication (preparation and writing of thesis, dossier, research, advertisemnet, texts) (2)
History  (2)
History of Middle East
History of Women’s Freedom (4)
History of Women’s Freedom in Kurdistan

Total: 28 hours

Project of Changing the Man (2)
The Ideology of Women’s Liberation (2)
Feminist theory (2)
Sociology of Religions (perspectives of freedom of women in religions) (4)
Sociology of Love (2)
Methods of Research (2)
Pedagogy (2)
Psycology (2)
Archaeology (2)
Etymology (2)
Tools of Natural Medicine (processing of natural medicina and methods of healing) (4)
Total: 26 hours

Women’s Revolution-The Experiment of Rojava (4)
Women’s Social Contract, social justice based on women (4)
Communal economy connected with the work of women, cooperatives and women’s communes (2)
Organisations of women’s self-defence and methods of self-defence (4)
Creation of areas of women’s life (women’s cities, women’s villages in history and present time) (4)
Women’s Diplomacy (2)
Co-chairs and equal representation (2)
Womens arts in Middle East (2)
Total: 26 hours


Ministery of Administration of Rojava Faculties



14/10/2018 – The University of Rojava starts Jineology programme