Why a website for Jineoloji?

Jineoloji Academy….

While going through real suffering, poverty, violence, torture and all sorts of atrocities in its bare reality; isn’t a virtual site such as this one the last thing that women need? And while we are dropping myriads of estates on the earth, making it unlivable for thousands of years, why are we joining to numberless websites under the name of “jineoloji”? Is this a necessity? Even if it is, is it a necessity as real as our sufferings?

Look at the auntie (you could name it ma, mother, granny, sister, aunt, however you prefer) of our logo, she is sitting in a real workshop with an actual tool.  She is holding a real spindle and performing art, doing science and developing a technique that corresponds to such a true necessity. While at the same time she stands so calm, so assured and with dignity. She had not only lived thousands of years ago, she did not confine herself there, but she is touching upon today. She has managed to spin the yarn without ripping it, as if she is spinning the wool to knit blouses, socks, and scarves for us. She does not discriminate. She is a universal woman to the point that she says “I am knitting it for you dear” no matter whichever one of us asks. She is so genuine as well. You might think that her loom is simple or primitive, backwards. Some might even claim that the yarn that comes out is graceless. Yet, the ones with a bit of historical and general knowledge would give her due date if this auntie did not exist and if she simple loom and her spindle that creates wonders as it spins did not exist, neither would today’s know-how and neither this virtual technology that allows us to get in touch with you. Her magic hands, her dear heart that she opens up boundlessly to every bit of the universe and if her intuitive-emotional intelligence and reason did not function where would we be stuck, be obsessed on the stages of evolution? Or how would have we lived the evolution in totally different stages? Who knows?

This auntie sets up her loom not in some random place, but in Mesopotamia, in the Middle-East. She set up her loom in the soils adorned with mysteries, secrets, talismans as well as the wisdom of the light. She spun her spindle in every passing day, year, and century. She spun her wool in every emotion, embroidered in every human condition. She both created history in every soil she set foot on, in the fields where she sow the seeds with strong hands and recorded the history in the looms she wove with. She was her own creator and creation. She gave life with crops twice to the human being; in the soil and in the loom, with the seed and the emotion. She spun the loom with her hands and with her heart. She poured the callus on her hand from the fields and the marks of life in her heart on the spins of the rope and on the crops she touched.

This auntie tells us more about the things that they do not show us in a picture than the ones they show. Gently, calmly, without shouting yet with such a strong voice, which shows the deep-rooted vein connecting her to her heart, to her soul and to her history, she talks, so that if you do not pay attention you feel like you turned away from your own self; from the lands in which you grew up, the mother’s milk you drank, the lullabies you heard, a sentimental song in your mother tongue. The fact that you listen is a necessity of the consistency of your existence. How not listen:

“My dear, my beautiful child! I was the mother of the history who gave birth to the land, the man and the woman. I was the one who placed the seed, which stood in the unfruitful pastures, in the right place of the earth’s womb with my fertile hands. I was the one who found a remedy for the famine, the cold, the death, the heavy wounds, for not having a shelter. We went through such hard times that our kind was about to die out, but we were not helpless. Come to see your state now, you have vast lands, endless waters. Now, neither uncontrolled fires, nor wild animals, unknown diseases or other problems that you cannot prevent can harm you. Your mind created advanced techniques, sciences. But I see that you cannot find a remedy only for your own condition.  You cannot bring together so many opportunities. Explore what you call primitive; find the way to the mystery, to reason. I am the voice inside you that never stops. I am the potential in your mind that never dies out. I am your history. I am the flowered and an intuitive garden of your emotional world in which you will always blossom. Just so you get to know yourself, you get to know me, that is to say your own history…”

Our site, our logo and our name! In fact, it is a symbol, a concept! It says a lot for the sensitive minds and hearts. But as the ones who live with system’s reality and who fight against it every moment, we know that the genocide of the society, women and life is being imposed on every second of the century we are living through. That is why we are saying that the society, the life and the women should gain consciousness at every turn. That is exactly why we are saying Jineoloji. We are intending for the jineoloji site in order to address every field in life that has been virtualized and in order to communicate through the century’s technique.  We have started with the wish and the labor that this site can be as simple and as modest as the loom in the hands of our auntie and be in the service of the real necessities of life. We are the granddaughters of this auntie; we are the children of these lands! We are carrying the effort she put in her loom in our gene pool. And while this site was being prepared, she spun her spindle, made yarn and scattered away the energy of laziness. Such energy, such a hustle, such a quest… Whatever its name is, whatever its logo is, its subjects, titles, etc., it is continuing and will continue.  Her spindle never stopped, the looms she set, determined against the plots and ruses of the masculine minds, never collapsed.  She continued to feed, nurture and protect the humanity. And she keeps us going, trying to walk with love and effort in the most difficult conditions. We begin to hope by looking at that loom. We know that the humanity owns her existence to this loom. Science, arts, crafts have been woven, formed here and poured into today. Our hope to intend for the science of women is also woven on this loom. We are tying the continuity of our assertion on the science of women on our auntie’s spindle and the beauties that she has woven with the yarn that the spindle spins without ripping it off. We will write with those beauties on jineoloji’s website. We will create jineoloji within those beauties. And with those beauties we will stop the destruction of life through its virtualization. We will create once more the belief that the real sufferings, atrocities that women are put through will be stopped by the woman’s mentality, mind and intelligence that will be woven by woman’s hands, heart and soul on the woman’s loom. We want more women to see that the woman’s spindle is spinning and in reality never stops, the yarn that it spins never breaks off and the humanity holds onto life with that yarn, with the eyes of their hearts. We will try to ensure that. The ones among us who can see with their hearts, we should focus on its requisites with all our minds and intelligence and should mobilize against all sorts of genocides we are subjected to. If the science of Jineoloji cannot achieve this, it will go against its own foundation, which is the Neolithic loom where it was made, against the goddess’ spindle where it was spun and the yarn of the woman of love from which it was woven. Then, despite its good will, it will not manage to move beyond being articulated to one of the sciences of genocide.  We will read the history looking into the river of infinity that passes through mother-woman’s heart, the melody of love on her lip, the tone of poetry in her soul, the emotional load through centuries. We will not weave the pages of this site either with an analytical mind alone or only with emotional intelligence. Just like the auntie does, we will set up our loom as a result of the perfect analytical mind, we will make beautiful embroideries as the fruit of the perfect emotional intelligence. But in the end, we will be the mother-goddess culture. Jineoloji will not embrace any ideology that imprisons the woman to one part of the reason and intends to deprive her of the other part or pretends that one side is her own child and the other one is her stepchild. It will not weave this in her loom except directing criticism and making analysis of it.

Our site is a road leading to the science of women. In the words of a sage, “There is one God but there are thousand ways to reach it”. This site is making a call for taking back the 104 Mes that the men stole from women and share it with the whole humanity. It is staking a claim on Ishtar’s battle left half fought! These lands cried out the most in 2014 that her battle left half fought should be won into the conscience of the people.  Women and the children, from Kurdish, Turkmen and other peoples, who have been captured and have been sold in slave markets cried out the most. This site is a reply to that cry. We, the women of these lands, have to hear the voices of the Goddesses that speak to us every day. This site means to listen to that voice and is a response to it. We will incorporate our voice to the goddesshood through our claim to create the science of women.

Our site begins with the initiative of women who take action and attach importance to esteemed Abdullah Öcalan’s call who says;

“I understood that bit by bit they exploited and devoured my Mother-goddess and the woman of love with grand elaboration, left the remains in front of the subjects, the male slaves saying it is the double-headed marriage, as hush-money . As I get to believe that I could become a good son for my Mother-goddess and the woman of love, by not admitting these gifts to my heart, I was filled with more joy and pride.”

It shares the joy and the pride of esteemed Öcalan. And it pretends to be a good child to the Mother-goddess. Jineoloji, that is born with the values created as a result of the long-lived battles of these claims to not to succumb in these lands, will grow with these values and become universal.

The struggle of the Goddesses’ for life, love and wisdom that started in these soils continues. The looms that were set up in the middle of life still function. The Goddess’s spindle still spins. Anyone who wants to weave is welcome to Jineoloji…

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