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  • The family in the European context

    The family is the most personal place in most of our lives. It is so politically important because of this, not despite this. At various times different attempts have been made to bring this political nature into analysis. Emma Goldman and others’ contributions to anarchist theory, western feminists insisting “the personal is political”, movements such […]

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  • [Video] What’s Freedom?

    We are glad to present this little video with the collection of many answers that women around Rojava give to the question „What is Freedom?“.  Women and girls from Jinwar to Raqqa express what they believe freedom really means, for themselves, for women, and for society as a whole.  These voices are the driving force […]

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  • What is Jineolojî?

    Jineoloji is a river finding its own way. The ideas of every woman, her study, the data she finds, the secrets her mother whispers in her ear, the power of interpretation, these are all drops that strengthen the flow of this river. Its most beautiful aspect is its spontateous enlightenment of social blindness. Jineoloji is […]

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  • Women and Self-Defense

    The creation of a free life is possible with the successes of women’s liberation struggles. Free and equal life develops through the emancipation of women. The women’s freedom struggle is difficult however and develops only in the face of great sacrifices and labour. A patient and stubborn march towards freedom reveals the face of the […]

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  • Statement by internationalist women in Rojava on the Day against Violence on Women

    As internationalist women who came to Rojava/Northern Syria to join the women revolution, we are sending our greetings and solidarity to all women, feminists and LGBTI* people who are struggling against patriarchy worldwide. Rising up against violence on women means that we are rising up against everything that violates our bodies, our lives, our freedom […]

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  • Being Beautiful

    “Who is the one that is beautiful? What is worthy and deserving of being loved? Which is the identity and personality that ought to be loved more? Who is in the possession of attitudes that lead to love? We must be able to search, reveal and develop beauty and that which is more loveable. Your […]